Announcement: The Homepage has been Re-designed for the One Year Anniversary of my website.

May 08, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

My VisionLight website is one year old this month and it was time to celebrate by refreshing the Homepage Slideshow. My recent design refresh of the Gallery pages was very well received by visitors, so my new Homepage takes its cues from that design. Unlike the original Homepage which featured a slideshow on a single subject, the new first look at  VisionLight introduces viewers to an eclectic selection of images from each of MY PORTFOLIO's Galleries. 22 advancing pages follow the MY PORTFOLIO menu from Thirty Five Years of 35mm Film all the way through the Collections by Camera or Subject. Although the opening screen is set to 12 seconds and each advancing page is 6 seconds, manual controls allow viewing at each visitor’s own pace. I have to thank my son Erik, a professional Graphic Designer for his guidance on the new design. He specializes in creating Corporate Identities, designed my VisionLight logo and makes sure my site ideas have a cohesive theme and presentation. Erik operates his own business, Envisioned Creations ( ), so give his work a peek.

I have noticed that many of my viewers come directly to my website with Bookmarks to either this BLOG or to the Announcements page. Those of you who may have missed the new Homepage can open it from anywhere on the site by clicking the VisionLight logo at the top left of every page (or clicking Home>> below the Menu bar).

I would like to thank all the members and viewers of my website for a wonderful first year. Thousands of you have visited from 75 countries all around the world. The top 15 include my home in the United States, and then in order: United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, Italy, Sweden, Hong Kong, Poland, South Africa, France, Austria, Czech Republic and Finland. In the early days, viewers usually spent only a short time on the site, but in the 2nd half of April 2016, 1 in 6 visitors spent an hour or more per visit. I have noticed that 96% of you use a computer or tablet for viewing and only 4% use Smartphones. I try to make the website friendly for Smartphones with two different viewing modes, but the optimum experience is still directed at the larger screens for the vast majority of you. Suggestions from viewers though are always welcome. Any other comments you may have are always welcome as well. Drop me a note on the CONTACT page, comment in this BLOG or in any Gallery or on any Image, or of course in my GUESTBOOK.. I appreciate hearing from you. And once again, I would like to thank all of you for a wonderful first year. I hope you continue to come back to see new images and Galleries. The Thirty Fives Years of 35mm Film project will be going on for “years” and my new Gallery for the Teatown Lake Reservation should be growing monthly.  Or come back to review once again your favorite images. Plus I will have some new features in the coming second year. So stay tuned.  



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