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721225_0001_FTb Dad Mom and Linda on Christmas721225_0002_FTb Lisa's First Christmas with Mom Betty and Dad Vinny730500_0001_FTb Our Friend and Neighbor Don MacNeil731000_0003_FTb Vinny and Chucky Under the Hood731225_0002_FTb Christmas Dinner at Home 1973731225_0003_FTb Christmas 1973 Eddie Steve Linda Maria Chucky and Vinny731225_0004_FTb Christmas 1973 Eddie Betty Steve Linda Maria Chucky Vinny Dad Lisa and Mom740600_0007_F1 Mom and Dad Dressing Up741225_0001_F1 The Whole Family (except Chucky) at Christmas 1974750420_0001_F1 Aunt Camille and Uncle Frank's 25th Wedding Anniversary750420_0002_F1 Frank Lottie Henry Helen Dad and Wanda750420_0003_F1 Aunt Camille and Uncle Frank's 25th Wedding Anniversary750420_0004_F1 Mom and Dad at Aunt Camille and Uncle Frank's 25th Wedding Anniversary750420_0005_F1 Proud Papa Uncle Henry and Patty750420_0006_F1 Uncle Tony and Aunt Sonia750500_0004_F1 Linda Steve and Maria at Breezy Point761225_0001_F1 Mom and Dad at Christmas771124_0001_F1 Mom and Dad at Steve's Thanksgiving Dinner771225_0003_F1 6 Day Early Celebration of Steve and Linda's Birthday780312_0001_F1 Lisa's 6th Birthday Party