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130117_0570_SX50 Red Tail Hawk Waking in the Morning Light090630_2848_5D170226_0530_EOS M5 A Hawk in the Setting Sun Outside My Home120410_0478_SX40 Chipmunk120624_0692_SX40 Portrait of a Chipmunk150211_2497_SX50 Robin in the Setting Sun150228_2565_SX50 Female Downy Woodpecker150309_2585_SX50 Hawk051214_0023_5D Turkey Vulture120820_1034_SX40 Butterfly120706_0863_SX40 Monarch Butterfly140916_2380_SX50 Moth on Lantana120816_1030_SX40 Butterfly at Night141007_2426_SX50 Swallowtail Butterfly Caterpillar130723_0995_SX50 Swallowtail060326_0848_5D Robin060326_0850_5D060326_0851_5D060430_1005_5D Robin071006_2416_5D Orb Weaver

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2.Edward Michael Lach
Hi Stephanie,
Thanks for visiting my galleries. It was a pleasure to meet your family while we were out enjoying our photography. I hope you're happy with the images you caught of the bald eagle. Maybe we'll run into each other again with our cameras by the waterfront.
1.Stephanie Page(non-registered)
2/17/2017 It was a pleasure meeting you today by the riverfront in Verplanck. I am enjoying looking at your photos.
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