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170316_2882_NX1 Vernay Lake at Teatown After a Late Winter Snow161223_0065_EOS M5 Early Winter Arrives on Teatown's Vernay Lake161223_0066_EOS M5 The Duck Blind in Early Winter on Teatown Lake161223_0068_EOS M5 Early Winter Arrives on Teatown Lake170109_2736_NX1 The Wildflower Island Gatrhouse and Bridge on Teatown Lake in Winter170109_2793_NX1 The Wildflower Island Gatehouse and Bridge on Teatown Lake in Winter170109_2745_NX1 The Boat House on Teatown Lake in Winter170109_2743_NX1 Teatown Lake from the Boathouse in Winter170109_2768_2775_NX1 Fresh Snow Covers Winter's Ice on Teatown Lake170109_2787_NX1 Fresh Snow Covers Winter's Ice on Teatown Lake170109_2790_NX1 Winter on Teatown Lake170109_2791_NX1 Winter on Teatown Lake170109_2777_NX1 Along the Shore of Teatown Lake in Winter170109_2757_NX1 Winter Along the Shore of Teatown Lake170109_2760_NX1 Winter Along the Shore of Teatown Lake170109_2794_NX1 Melting Snow Make Its Way to Teatown Lake170109_2750_NX1 Winter Along the Kitchawan Trail at Teatown170109_2802_NX1 Winter Along the Shore of Teatown's Vernay Lake170316_2885_NX1 Vernay Lake at Teatown Lake Reservation After a Late Winter Snow170316_2879_NX1 14 Inches of Fresh Snow Along the Vernay Lake Trail at Teatown

Guestbook for Exploring the Habitats of Teatown: Winter 2016-17
Edward Michael Lach
Thanks Murry.

2793 (2973?) is a popular image to take for people who are not afraid to fall into the water, especially when it's cold. You really have to lean out far from the trail to get this angle. 2885 was taken my first day out with my new 8mm fisheye lens. A little warp transform correction in Photoshop resulted in the final projection of the image. The very first and last images were also products of warp transform on the 8mm lens. I'm enjoying its possibilities in place of stitching images.

Nice SNOW photos Ed. I really like 2973, 2885 and that gorgeous pano. I think the most snow I ever saw while growing up in metro Denver was 17 inches. It looks like you've mastered the NX1.
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