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131024_1542-48_SX50_IsItArt Autumn in the Lower Hudson Valley180227_1588_EOS M5_IsItArt An Adult Female American Bald Eagle at Croton Point on the Hudson River120505_0592_SX40_IsItArt Cardinal140908_2365_SX50_IsItArt A House Finch in the Juniper Tree130730_1043_SX50_IsItArt American Bald Eagle130117_0570_SX50_IsItArt Red Tail Hawk Waking in the Morning Light130904_1240_SX50_IsItArt A Hawk on Bear Mountain131008_1351_SX50_IsItArt American Bald Eagle131015_1395_SX50_IsItArt Route 7 Connecticut Farm131018_1499_SX50_IsItArt Autumn in New York's Lower Hudson Highlands131018_1501_SX50_IsItArt Autumn in New York's Lower Hudson Highlands131024_1510_SX50_IsItArt View from the Summit of Bear Mountain131024_1548_SX50_IsItArt View from Bear Mountain140804_2285_SX50_IsItArt Honeysuckle140902_2323_SX50_IsItArt 1953 Ford F2 Pickup160526_1438_NX1_IsItArt Rosy Trillium, Trillium catesbaei, on Teatown Lake's Wildflower Island160512_1276_NX1_IsItArt Spring at Teatown Lake160520_1340_NX1_IsItArt Teatown's Cliffdale Farm160525_1363_NX1_IsItArt The Wildflower Island Bridge on Teatown Lake in Spring160525_1368_NX1_IsItArt Pine Grove at Teatown Lake Reservation