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151015_0951_NX1 Bear Mountain Bridge from the Inlet at Fort Montgomery130904_1157_SX50 Freight Train on the Hudson River130904_1164_SX50 North from Camp Smith NY130904_1170_SX50 Hessian Lake Below Bear Mountain150923_0873_NX1 Along the Appalachian Trail VI150923_0877_NX1 Along the Appalachian Trail VII150923_0876_NX1 Along the Appalachian Trail V150923_0880_NX1 Along the Appalachian Trail III150923_0879_NX1 Along the Appalachian Trail IV151008_0942_0949_NX1 Lower Hudson Valley171004_1402_EOS M5 A Red Tailed Hawk Hunts the Hudson River Area Below Bear Mountain130904_1202_SX50 The Summit of Bear Mountain130904_1240_SX50 A Hawk on Bear Mountain130904_1242_SX50 A Hawk on Bear Mountain140923_2417_SX50 Wayside Berries on Bear Mountian131008_1340_SX50 Rattlesnake on Bear Mountain131018_1499_SX50 Autumn in New York's Lower Hudson Highlands131018_1501_SX50 Autumn in New York's Lower Hudson Highlands131024_1542-48_SX50 Autumn in the Lower Hudson Valley101018_3438_5D The Summit of Bear Mountain