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170418_2968_NX1 Teatown Lake Reservation has a New Look170329_0579_EOS M5 The Stalls from an Old Barn Still Define Teatown's Nature Center Information Hall and Gift Shop170329_0574_EOS M5 Preparing for a Demonstration in Teatown's Egon Ottinger Hall170329_0576_EOS M5 Preparing for a Demonstration in Teatown's Egon Ottinger Hall170329_0577_EOS M5 Maddy Schroeder of Teatown's Education and Animal Care Staff about to do a Wildlife Demonstration170305_0548_EOS M5 Promoting Stewardship of Nature at Teatown160720_1941_NX1 Welcome to Teatown160520_1297_NX1 The Habitats of Teatown160520_1298_NX1 The Wildlife Walk at Teatown's Wildlife Rescue160525_1361_NX1 Teatown160525_1381_NX1 Teatown160526_1457_NX1 The Natural Art of Nature at Teatown160526_1458_NX1 The Ghost of an Ancient Owl Still Watches from its Favorite Tree160526_1468_NX1 Along the Croft Trail at Teatown160802_1992_1997_NX1 Teatown Volunteer Nina Fishing with Summer Campers on Vernay Lake160618_1705_NX1 Mick, a Fellow Teatown Member, Fishing on Vernay Lake160807_2070_NX1 Canoes on Vernay Lake at Teatown160827_2216_NX1 Saturday Morning Fishing on Vernay Lake with Teatown Members Mark and Owen160827_2215_NX1 Young Teatown Member Owen Hooked a Large Mouth Bass on Vernay Lake170405_0621_EOS M5 The Teatown Lake Watershed