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140130_1698_SX50 Diamonds in the Hudson from Croton Point140130_1744_SX50 Frozen Hudson River looking toward the Tappan Zee140130_1732_SX50 Frozen Hudson River from Croton Point140130_1734_SX50 Frozen Hudson River at Croton Point140130_1739_SX50 Frozen Hudson River060305_0736_5D Winterscape at Croton Point140130_1741_SX50 Frozen Hudson River from Croton Point150312_2610_SX50 Winterscape at Croton Point150225_2555_SX50 Thawing Hudson River at Croton Point150312_2645_SX50 Swan at Croton Point120107_0170_S100 Croton Point120107_0176_S100 Croton Point120107_0165_S100 A Lone Winter Fisherman at Croton Point120128_0091_SX40 Winter on the Beach at Croton Point120128_0099_SX40 Melting Snow at Croton Point150312_2624_SX50 Hawk at Croton Point140320_1817_SX50 The North Cove at Croton Point120107_0182_S100 Croton Point150312_2631_SX50 Cardinal at Croton Point120128_0109_SX40 Croton Point