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180318_1650_EOS M5 A Broad-winged Hawk in the Setting Sun180214_1524_EOS M5 Black Chrome171209_1510_EOS M5 Snoozing Through a Late Autumn Storm171027_3447_NX1 Iona Island, Doodletown and the Bear Mountain Area Viewed from The Goat Trail171027_3467_NX1 New York's Lower Hudson Valley from Bear Mountain171004_1402_EOS M5 A Red Tailed Hawk Hunts the Hudson River Area Below Bear Mountain170912_1320_EOS M5 An Adult and Adolescent Bald Eagle in Late Summer's Early Evening Light at Croton Point170825_2966_SX50 Mute Swans Foraging on Teatown Lake170825_2957_SX50 A Dragonfly in the Offshore Grasses at Teatown Lake170825_2977_SX50 A Fading Bloody Britlegill, Russula sanguinaria, in the Woods by Teatown Lake170824_1279_EOS M5 A Rabbit in My Gardens in the Setting Sun170821_1221_EOS M5 Lily Pads in the Early Morning Light on Teatown's Shadow Lake170821_1204_EOS M5 A Beaver Paddles to its Lodge at Dawn on Teatown's Shadow Lake170809_1200_EOS M5 Honeysuckle in the Morning Sun170809_1192_EOS M5 I Heard the Screech of a Hawk Coming Directly Out of the Sun170801_3338_39_40_NX1 An Orb Weaver in the Shade of a Mandevilla Bud170730_1186_EOS M5 A Catbird Poses for a Portrait at Rockefeller Preserve170726_1155_EOS M5 Hummingbird170726_1148_EOS M5 Clematis170720_3297_NX1 A Humingbird Clearwing Moth, Hemaris thysbe, Gathers Nectar from Wild Bergamot at Rockefeller Preserve