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160101 Samsung NX1 2016160104_1079_NX1_RAYNOX250 Spidermites Play King of the Mountain160110_1083_NX1 After the Storm160110_1085_NX1 After the Storm160413_1176_NX1 A Swan on Teatown Lake160413_1187_NX1 A Turkey Vulture at Teatown160415_1188_NX1 Teatown Lake Quietly Awaits the Emergence of Spring160415_1195_NX1 A Yellow Trout Lily at Teatown160415_1203_NX1 Life Just Below the Surface at Teatown Lake160415_1205_NX1 Early Spring on Teatown Lake160415_1206_NX1 Early Spring on Teatown Lake160427_1208_NX1 Teatown in Early Spring160427_1210_NX1 Vernay Lake in Early Spring at Teatown160427_1213_NX1 Vernay Lake in Early Spring at Teatown160427_1215_NX1 The First Signs of Spring on Shadow Lake at Teatown160427_1223_NX1 A Relic of Years Past at Teatown160427_1226_NX1 Gryphon, a Female American Bald Eagle at Teatown's Wildlife Rescue160427_1229_NX1 Nova, a Female Barred Owl at Teatown's Wildlife Rescue160427_1232_NX1 Blaze, a Female and Rusty, a Male, Red Tail Hawks at Teatown's Wildlife Rescue160427_1234_NX1 Blaze, a Female Red Tail Hawk at Teatown's Wildlife Rescue