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140428_1922_SX50 Painted Turtles at Rockefeller Preserve120816_1014_SX40 Turtle at Rockefeller Preserve170718_1062_EOS M5 A Snapping Turtle Rises to the Surface of Swan Lake170921_1328_EOS M5 A Mother Painted Turtle and Hatchling at Rockefeller Preserve130806_1112_SX50 Turtle at Rockefeller Preserve130730_1069_SX50 Sentry on the Pond140401_1883_SX50 Painted Turtle at Rockefeller Preserve140428_1919_SX50 Painted Turtles at Rockefeller Preserve060502_1029_5D Painted Turtles at Rockefeller Preserve060502_1025_5D Painted Turtles at Rockefeller Preserve130501_0779_SX50 CAUTION - Traffic Jam Ahead160606_1564_NX1 A Turtle Along the Northwest Trail at Teatown160614_1661_NX1 A Turtle on Lost Pond Catches the Afternoon Sun at Westmoreland Sanctuary170413_0644_EOS M5 Mother and Baby Take in the Spring Sun on Teatown Lake170413_0649_EOS M5 A Mallard and a Turtle Negotiate Property Rights on Teatown Lake180331_3513_NX1 Painted Turtles Sunning Themselves on Teatown Lake in Early Spring180420_1865_EOS M5 Painted Turtles in Early Spring at Brinton Brook Sanctuary740600_0010_F1 Crab on a Beach740600_0011_F1 Crab Family Portrait160712_1881_NX1 A Frog Takes a Dip in the Pool