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180809_2970_71_72_EOS M5 Grasshoppers Mating140908_2363_SX50 Cardinal and His Friend the House Finch180726_3684_NX1 Daylily180726_3695_NX1 Daylilies180720_3683_NX1 A Female Blue Dasher Dragonfly, Pachydiplax longipennis180719_3682_NX1 A Spider on a Lantern in the Virginia Gardens180715_3612_NX1 A Sparkling Jewel in the Virginia Gardens180715_3604_NX1 Portrait of a Blue Darter Dragonfly180621_2858_EOS M5 A Northern Green Frog Listens to Other Frogs from the Boathouse on Teatown Lake180618_3574_NX1 Hibiscus in Our Gardens180605_3570_NX1 A Tiny Hyphantria Moth Under Dragon's Blood Sedum Foliage in Our Gardens180604_2594_EOS M5 A Cormorant Begins Its Flight from Teatown Lake180430_2051_EOS M5 An Oriental Lily in the Late Day Sun180430_2054_EOS M5 An Oriental Lily in the Late Day Sun180416_1862_EOS M5 Even in Decay, Nature is a Celebration of the  Colors of Sunset180318_1650_EOS M5 A Broad-winged Hawk in the Setting Sun180214_1524_EOS M5 Black Chrome171209_1510_EOS M5 Snoozing Through a Late Autumn Storm171004_1402_EOS M5 A Red Tailed Hawk Hunts Over the Hudson River Below Bear Mountain170912_1320_EOS M5 An Adult and Adolescent Bald Eagle in Late Summer's Early Evening Light at Croton Point