26.Edward Michael Lach
Thanks Jim, for looking in on my website and for signing my Guestbook.

The Canon SX50 is a fun and versatile little camera that can produce wonderful results. I enjoy sharing images and techniques with other members and worldwide readers on DPR. The camera does take practice and hopefully relating my experience will help others to attain the best results they can with it.

Thanks again,
25.Jim Leslie(non-registered)
Hi Ed:

Just a short note to say hi and that I very much enjoy your experience and pointers using the SX50HS. I'm frequently on the DP Review website's Canon PowerShot Forum under the name "Jim". Your thorough explanations of the ins and outs when using the SX50HS are very much appreciated by me as well as by many of us who also use this camera. Thank you!

Best regards,

Jim Leslie
24.Edward Michael Lach
Hi Evan. Creating the image you mentioned in the Walkway Over The Hudson gallery (Scenic Hudson Valley NY) was a fun exercise. It's an attempt to capture a three dimensional 360° view from a single spot on the Walkway and creatively project it into a two dimensional viewing space. One of the 190° River panorama images was flipped over and spliced Walkway edge to Walkway edge below the other. The combined image was then flipped 90° to place the western mountains on the top. Photoshop CC's lens correction tools were then applied exactly opposite to their intended purpose. Instead of correcting for barrel/pincushion anomalies, I manually extended and celebrated them out to a rough circle. Manually using the x/y axis resizing tool further compressed the circular effect. The two prior images of people walking east and west from the same central point as the panoramas were then manually resized to fit in the middle of the new composition and precisely layered. After a little cleanup and balancing of the water tones on both sides of the Walkway, the title was added and the creation was complete. Sometimes, you just have to have a little fun.

Hope you had a successful search today for snow in your upper "neighborhood". I'll be checking your website soon to see the results.

23.Evan Jenkins
Hi Ed, thought I would drop in and take a look at your walkway pics. I'm glad I did as they are very enjoyable viewing. That last one is very interesting, it's a bit hard for me to wrap my mind around this early in the morning. I'll get with you later to find out how you accomplished that.

I'm on my way up to the mountain this morning, we got some snow up there so I thought I would get out and see if I could find some photos to take. I have been very busy around the house and have not been able to get out and take pics for the past few weeks. Still trying to catch up on PP from my annual moose rut expedition.
22.Edward Michael Lach
Hi Trevor and welcome to my Galleries. I really appreciate the time you spent visiting so many galleries and am glad you enjoyed the light that brought out the chill in all that ice. It was very cold that day.
Come back soon. My latest new work is always listed in Recently Added Images under the Portfolio Menu.
Thanks again,
Hi Ed
Followed a link from DP Review to your site and glad I did.
Nicely organised website and you have some good images here!
I especially like the light you captured on the ice in the gallery "Winter Warming into Spring"
...keep em coming!
all the best
20.Edward Michael Lach
Thanks for visiting my website, Adam and Josh, and especially for adding your very kind comments to my Guestbook. As regular visitors to the Rockefeller Preserve, we get to experience first hand much of the fascination and beauty Nature has to offer. Through my website I hope to offer others some measure of this opportunity, both at the Preserve and throughout the Lower Hudson Valley.

I'm happy you enjoyed the Raptors and hope you return as many of the Nature galleries are often updated with new images.

19.Adam and Josh(non-registered)
The images live up to the description Ed! Shocking to know you caught those Bald Eagle shots so close by- the detail on the frontal profile which shows the beak and what looks like a stress fracture is pretty incredible.

This is a nice collection and reminder of what lies in our backyard of Westchester- provokes thoughts along the lines of Wordsworth's works captured in a still frame.
18.Edward Michael Lach
Thanks Bill. Knowing your love of wildlife and Nature photography, I thought you would like them and am glad you do.

The first hawk on my Home Page was taken with the Samsung NX1 with their 50-150mm S lens. But all the others, including both eagles, were taken with my trusty Canon SX50, usually at the full optical zoom of 1200mm (FF equiv.). The close-up eagle portrait is not a crop but full frame. Rounding a bend in the trail, from the time we caught sight of it 25-30 feet in front of us to taking the picture was about 5 to 6 seconds. Then the eagle was gone. In single shot mode, this was the only image I caught. It was for me a lucky day.

I do hope you enjoy the rest of the website.

17.Bill Golden(non-registered)
Your Eagle pictures are fantastic. Great closeups. What camera and lens did you use to shoot them?
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