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150417 Samsung NX1 Collection150428_0091_NX1 Bulls Bridge in Early Spring150428_0094_NX1 Bulls Bridge in Early Spring150428_0096_NX1 Early Spring Up River View from Bulls Bridge150428_0103_NX1 Early Spring Moss near Bulls Bridge150428_0104_NX1 Bulls Bridge from Up River in Early Spring150428_0105_NX1 The Housatonic River Above Bulls Bridge in Early Spring150428_0106_NX1 The Housatonic River Above Bulls Bridge in Early Spring150428_0115_NX1 Bulls Bridge from Down River in Early Spring150428_0116_NX1 The Housatonic River below Bulls Bridge in Early Spring150428_0119_NX1 The Housatonic River Converges Below Bulls Bridge in Early Spring150428_0123_NX1 The Western Falls at Bulls Bridge in Early Spring150428_0127_NX1 Down River View from Bulls Bridge in Early Spring150428_0133_NX1 Connecticut Rte 7 Farmlands150428_0135_NX1 Connecticut Rte 7 Farmlands150428_0139_NX1 Connecticut Rte 7 Landscape150428_0146_NX1 Sloane Stanley Museum150428_0151_NX1 Sloane Stanley Museum150428_0152_NX1 Sloane Stanley Museum150428_0155_NX1 Sloane Stanley Museum