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160720_1889_NX1 The Wildflower Island Bridge on Teatown Lake in Summer160720_1931_NX1 The Bergmann Boardwalk on Teatown Lake in Summer160630_1818_NX1 Summer on Shadow Lake at Teatown160802_2008_NX1 Along the Shore of Teatown's Vernay Lake160803_2042_NX1 Teatown in Summer160819_2157_NX1 Summer in Cindy's Garden at Teatown160807_2084_NX1 Cindy's Garden at Teatown160807_2086_NX1 Cindy's Garden at Teatown170721_1082_EOS M5 Mycena Pura, a Lilac Bonnet Mushroom on the Shore of Teatown Lake170721_1105_EOS M5 A Yellow Fly Agaric Mushroom on the Shore of Teatown Lake170825_2977_SX50 A Fading Bloody Britlegill, Russula sanguinaria, in the Woods by Teatown Lake160807_2047_NX1 Early Morning on Vernay Lake in Summer160827_2196_NX1 A Summer Morning on Teatown's Vernay Lake160807_2048_NX1 Early Morning on Vernay Lake in Summer160819_2118_NX1 Along the Shore of Teatown Lake in Summer160807_2090_NX1 Summer on Teatown Lake160819_2150_NX1 A Great Blue Heron on Teatown Lake160827_2198_NX1 A Coneflower Floating on Teatown's Vernay Lake160827_2213_NX1 Summer Flora at Teatown160819_2125_NX1 Water Lily with Bumble Bee on Teatowm Lake