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050807_0001_A1 From the Gardens in Virginia170814_3397_NX1 A White Ginger Flower, Hedychium coronarium, in the Virginia Gardens150713_0553_NX1 A Fly in the Virginia Gardens160710_1860_NX1 An Orbweaver in the Virginia Gardens140726_2268_SX50 Crepe Myrtle and Dragonfly140723_2228_SX50 A Field Cricket out for an Unexpected Swim in the Pool160712_1881_NX1 A Frog Takes a Dip in the Pool160711_1863_NX1 A Snake in the Virginia Gardens160711_1864_NX1 A Snake in the Virginia Gardens160711_1872_NX1 A Snake in the Virginia Gardens130719_0991_SX50 A Muskrat in the Virginia Gardens