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The Lower Hudson Valley from Bear Mountain, NY on September 4 and October 24, 2013121108_0082_SX50 Autumn Sunset121108_0109_SX50 Flash Study on the Vine121109_0120_SX50 Swan Lake at Rockefeller Preserve121109_0121_SX50 Rockefeller Preserve at Sunset121114_0173_SX50 Hudson River from Tarrytown to NYC121114_0175_SX50 Midtown Manhattan from the Tarrytown River Walk121117_0195_SX50 Quarter Moon121119_0205_SX50 Fall Fading into Winter121128_0226_SX50 Moonscape in the Rising Fog121128_0244_SX50 Swan Lake at Rockefeller Preserve121207_0348_SX50_RAYNOX250 "Other Worldly Creatures Attempt to Escape the Event Horizon of a Black Hole"121214_0390_SX50 Young Buck at Sundown in Rockefeller Preserve121214_0414_SX50 Grasses in the Setting Sun at Rockefeller Preserve121214_0418_SX50 Swan Lake at Rockefeller Preserve121214_0420_SX50 Swan Lake at Rockefeller Preserve121214_0437_SX50 A Male Bufflehead Diving121229_0000_SX50_RAYNOX250 Crystalline Structure130105_0533-0537_SX50_RAYNOX250 Green Amber130107_0538_SX50 Icy Swan Lake in the Warm Setting Sun at Rockefeller Preserve

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