Edward Michael Lach | About

As a photographer I use my full name, though my family and oldest friends call me Eddie and my business associates and newer friends call me Ed. It was my late mother, who always called me Edward, who started me in photography in the 1950s by lending me her 620 roll film camera for a class trip. When the developed B&W images arrived a week later, I was hooked. In the mid 1960s, I received my first SLR camera, a very generous gift from my parents who were raising me and a lot of brothers and sisters. My mother knew. And it was in the mid 1970s, encouraged by my professional photographer friends, that I took my first pro gig. It was really fun to get paid to do what I loved to do. It was also those friends who gave me a new name. After the author of an article about my work described my images as " . . . a vision of light.", and against my ignored protests, they started calling me VisionLight. I had no choice but to get used to it, so it stuck. And now, VisionLight is the name I am known to many photographers around the world on the internet. Being the youngest of that group so long ago, I miss their friendship, good counsel and good humor.

In the 1980s through mid 2000s, the worlds of business, finance and technology demanded more and more of my time, leaving less for this pursuit I loved. Those worlds were generous to raising my family, so I only took the photo gigs I could. But in 2006 I said goodbye to business and was reawakened to a new world of digital photography with a Canon 5D. It was time to rediscover Nature, camera always in hand, and I have been doing so ever since. Though I have done photo gigs in that time, my cameras have mainly become tools for my personal expression of the beauty and complexity of Nature. I very much want to better acquaint others with this world that they may look at every day, but maybe never really "see". And hopefully help them to understand and capture Nature with their own cameras. That is what the Portfolios above are about. I hope you find enjoyment in the visions my eye sees, and bathe in the light that inspires them.


Please let me know your impressions in my Guestbook if you have the time, or as comments to the images. I appreciate hearing from you. And I thank my many photographer friends who come here often for their inspiration and support.