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060409_0899_5D RGB Color031031_0002_A1 Opening of the Rebuilt Winter Garden after 9-11031031_0003_A1 Shop Display at the Winter Garden in NYC060915_1323_5D Little Italy180312_1633_EOS M5 Avocado Study121108_0109_SX50 Flash Study on the Vine070103_1631_5D Rings and Stars111124_0093_S100 Pedestrian Color120130_0115_SX40 Symmetry in Power I161005_2424_NX1 Symmetry in Power II170418_2982_NX1 Symmetry in Power III120222_0251_SX40 Gate House Bridge120204_0241_S100 Mills Road Barn120128_0077_SX40 The Seawall170726_1155_EOS M5 Hummingbird150507_2877_SX50 Contrails170423_0670_EOS M5 A Private Jet Passing Overhead180430_2051_EOS M5 An Oriental Lily in the Late Day Sun180430_2054_EOS M5 An Oriental Lily in the Late Day Sun170726_1148_EOS M5 Clematis