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161217 Canon EOS M5 2016161222_0018_EOS M5 The Early Winter Sun Setting Over Swan Lake161222_0020_EOS M5 Swan Lake in the Setting Winter Sun161222_0026_EOS M5 Swan Lake in Early Winter 2016161222_0035_EOS M5 Hudson Pines Farm by Rockefeller Preserve161222_0048_EOS M5 Geese in the Winter Sunset on Swan Lake161223_0060_EOS M5 Kajika, a Male Barred Owl at Teatown's Wildlife Rescue161223_0065_EOS M5 Early Winter Arrives on Teatown's Vernay Lake161223_0066_EOS M5 The Viewing Blind in Early Winter on Teatown Lake161223_0068_EOS M5 Early Winter Arrives on Teatown Lake161227_0076_EOS M5 Along the Shore of Swan lake in Winter161227_0077_EOS M5 Western Swan Lake in the Early Winter Setting Sun161227_0078_EOS M5 The Early Winter Sun Lowers Over a Stream Feeding Swan Lake161227_0080_EOS M5 A Waterfall Near Swan Lake at Rockefeller Preserve161227_0084_EOS M5 The Hudson Pines Pasture by Rockefeller Preserve in the Setting Winter Sun161227_0085_EOS M5 A Flock of Geese Crossing Overhead at Rockefeller Preserve161227_0104_EOS M5 Mallards Swim to Shelter for the Night on Swan Lake