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120122_0033_SX40 Patterns in the Snow120125_0044_SX40 Setting Moon Looking Up to Venus120128_0077_SX40 The Seawall120128_0091_SX40 Winter on the Beach at Croton Point120128_0099_SX40 Melting Snow at Croton Point120128_0109_SX40 Croton Point120130_0115_SX40 Symmetry in Power I120131_0116_SX40 West Branch Reservoir120203_0130_SX40 Kensico Reservoir120203_0134_SX40 Kensico Reservoir120217_0183_SX40 Pocantico Lake120217_0185_SX40 Pocantico Lake120222_0251_SX40 Gate House Bridge120222_0257_SX40 Taconic Bridge120222_0262_SX40 Croton Dam Plaza120222_0263_SX40 Croton River120222_0270_SX40 Falls at Croton Dam120222_0274_SX40 Croton Dam Spillway120226_0281_SX40 Falls at Croton Dam120226_0302_SX40 Rockefeller Preserve

Guestbook for Canon SX40 Collection 2012
Edward Michael Lach
Thank you for visiting Arthur. As a member of DPR, I created these individual camera Portfolios at the suggestion of other DPR members. Many of them use these groupings to review the capabilities of each camera relative to my many writings and tutorials at DPR. I'm happy you found them useful as well.
Arthur Uden(non-registered)
Thank you for allowing me to visit. Wonderful to compare the images from different camera's.
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