Edward Michael Lach | Exploring the Trails of Teatown in 2018
Modified 17-Aug-18
16 photos

180413_1801_EOS M5 A Female Mute Swan Takes a Break From Her Nest on Teatown Lake180331_3495_NX1 The Male Flowers, Catkins, of Smooth Alder in Early Spring Along the Shore of Teatown Lake180331_3513_NX1 Painted Turtles Sunning Themselves on Teatown Lake in Early Spring180423_1908_EOS M5 A Red Winged Blackbird Sings in the Morning Sun at Teatown180423_1921_EOS M5 A Chipmunk Along the Trail at Teatown180621_2858_EOS M5 A Northern Green Frog Listens to Other Frogs from the Boathouse on Teatown Lake180604_2594_EOS M5 A Cormorant Begins Its Flight from Teatown Lake180611_2723_EOS M5 A Crowded Nest of Eastern Phoebe Fledglings Under the Boathouse Roof at Teatown Lake180611_2743_EOS M5  An Eastern Phoebe Watches Over Her Crowded Nest of Fledglings Under the Boathouse Roof at Teatown Lake180611_2770_EOS M5 A Red Winged Black Bird Tries to Convince a Great Blue Heron to Move Away from Its Nesting Area on Teatown Lake180611_2806_EOS M5 A Mallard Hen Watches Over 10 Ducklings on Teatown Lake180810_2985_EOS M5 A Humingbird Clearwing Moth, Hemaris thysbe, at Teatown180810_3013_EOS M5 A Mason Wasp, Monobia quadridens, at Teatown180810_3010_EOS M5 A Hummingbird Clearwing Moth Loses a Battle with a Wasp at Teatown180810_3014_EOS M5 Chicken of the Woods, Laetiporus sulphureus, along Teatown's Trails180810_3037_EOS M5 Orange Peel Fungus, Aleuria aurantia, along Teatown's Trails