Edward Michael Lach | New York City from May 1974 to November 1975 in Black & White
Modified 15-Feb-16
61 photos

741100_0006_F1 World Trade Center fron the North Stairway741100_0008_F1 Main Plaza Stairway at the World Trade Center741100_0009_F1 World Trade Center741100_0007_F1 World Trade Center741100_0010_F1 Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Near the World Trade Center741100_0011_F1 Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Near the World Trade Center741100_0002_F1 Napping in Battery Park NYC740800_0001_F1 Two Happy Young Ladies in the Park740500_0006_F1 Cat in East 61st Street NYC Window740500_0007_F1 Steel Drum Player on Wall Street in NYC741100_0003_F1 Downtown NYC Reflection740600_0002_F1 The Jetty at Breezy Point740600_0003_F1 Mom and Dad at Breezy Point in 1974750200_0001_F1 A Business Man Misses His Ferry at Battery Park in NYC750200_0002_F1 Construstion Worker and Crane in NYC750200_0003_F1 Chase Manhattan Plaza in NYC750200_0005_F1 Jamaica Wildlife Preserve750200_0006_F1 The Brooklyn Bridge750200_0007_F1 The Brooklyn Bridge750200_0008_F1 Saint Paul's Church below the World Trade Center