Edward Michael Lach | Connecticut and Massachusetts in the 1970s
Modified 7-Mar-16
71 photos

711000_0003_SL-9 The Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts711000_0002_SL-9 The Housatonic River and Berkshire Mountains711000_0004_SL-9 Horses in the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts730800_0005_FTb Summer Sunset in the Berkshire Mountains740500_0001_F1  Connecticut Rte 7 Farm740500_0002_F1  Connecticut Rte 7 Farm740500_0004_F1 Kathy at Kent Falls, Connecticut740500_0005_F1  Kent Falls, Connecticut740500_0008_F1 Tracks along Connecticut Rte 7740500_0009_F1 Massachusetts Rte 7 Farm740500_0010_F1 Fisherman on Pontoosuc Lake, Massachusetts740600_0001_F1  Stream along Connecticut Rte 7740600_0004_F1 Waterfall in Connecticut740900_0001_F1 Kent Falls, Connecticut740900_0002_F1 Kent Falls, Connecticut741100_0012_F1 Church Along Rte 7 in Massachusetts750327_0001_F1 Connecticut Rte 7 Farm750327_0002_F1 Connecticut Rte 7 Farm750327_0003_F1 Connecticut Rte 7 Farm750327_0004_F1 Kathy at Kent Falls in Connecticut