Edward Michael Lach | Life Emerges in the Habitats of Teatown in Spring
Modified 10-Feb-18
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160427_1245_NX1 Early Spring Arrives on Teatown Lake160415_1188_NX1 Teatown Lake Quietly Awaits the Emergence of Spring160415_1205_NX1 Early Spring on Teatown Lake160415_1206_NX1 Early Spring on Teatown Lake160427_1208_NX1 Teatown in Early Spring170410_2964_NX1 Exploring the Entanglements of Nature at TeatownLake Reservation170428_2995_NX1 Spring 2017 Arrives at Teatown's Vernay Lake160427_1213_NX1 Vernay Lake in Early Spring at Teatown160427_1210_NX1 Vernay Lake in Early Spring at Teatown160427_1215_NX1 The First Signs of Spring on Shadow Lake at Teatown170410_2940_NX1 Vernal Pools, Harbingers of New Life Soon to be Born, Form Along Teatown's Twin Lakes Trail170413_0662_EOS M5 Along the Kitchawan Trail in Early Spring at Teatown170410_2951_NX1 Along the Waterfall Trail in Spring at Teatown170408_2935_NX1 Along the Kitchawan Trail in Early Spring at Teatown170428_2990_NX1 Spring Along the Shore of Teatown's Shadow Lake160427_1244_NX1 Early Spring Arrives in the Hidden Valley at Teatown160415_1195_NX1 A Yellow Trout Lily at Teatown160427_1223_NX1 A Relic of Years Past at Teatown160512_1247_NX1 Teatown in Spring160512_1250_NX1 A Hidden Valley Spring Lake at Teatown