Edward Michael Lach | Exhibit Displayed at EagleFest on February 11, 2017
Modified 3-Feb-17
28 photos

160413_1176_NX1_EagleFest A Swan on Teatown Lake160413_1187_NX1_EagleFest A Turkey Vulture at Teatown160415_1206_NX1_EagleFest Early Spring on Teatown Lake160427_1245_NX1_EagleFest Early Spring Arrives on Teatown Lake160512_1266_NX1_EagleFest A Stream through Hidden Valley Trail at Teatown160525_1368_NX1_EagleFest Pine Grove at Teatown160525_1370_NX1_EagleFest Pine Grove at Teatown160526_1438_NX1_EagleFest Rosy Trillium, Trillium catesbaei, on Teatown Lake's Wildflower Island160526_1463_NX1_EagleFest A Stream through Hidden Valley Trail at Teatown160606_1564_NX1_EagleFest A Turtle Along the Northwest Trail at Teatown160606_1575_NX1_EagleFest A Mallard and Her Nine Ducklings Along the Shore of Teatown Lake160606_1586_NX1_EagleFest Mushrooms Along the Shore of Teatown Lake160618_1691_NX1_EagleFest A Frog on Vernay Lake at Teatown160618_1710_NX1_EagleFest A Dragonfly at Teatown Lake160618_1717_NX1_EagleFest A Frog at Teatown Lake160620_1741_NX1_EagleFest Pre Dawn Mist Over Teatown's Vernay Lake on the Final Day of Spring160620_1766_NX1_EagleFest A Beaver on the Shore of Teatown's Vernay Lake at Sunrise160728_1972_NX1_EagleFest A Great Blue Heron on Teatown Lake in Summer160807_2047_NX1_EagleFest Early Morning on Vernay Lake in Summer160807_2056_NX1_EagleFest A Snake Captures a Frog by Vernay Lake at Teatown