Edward Michael Lach | A Painter's Canvas at Teatown
Modified 22-Nov-17
9 photos

171121_1456_EOS M5_IsItArt The Wildflower Island Gatehouse in a Late Autumn Sunset on Teatown Lake160512_1276_NX1_IsItArt Spring at Teatown Lake160520_1340_NX1_IsItArt Teatown's Cliffdale Farm160526_1438_NX1_IsItArt Rosy Trillium, Trillium catesbaei, on Teatown Lake's Wildflower Island160525_1363_NX1_IsItArt The Wildflower Island Bridge on Teatown Lake in Spring160606_1564_NX1_IsItArt A Turtle Along the Northwest Trail at Teatown Lake Reservation160618_1691_NX1_IsItArt A Frog on Vernay Lake at Teatown Reservation160525_1368_NX1_IsItArt Pine Grove at Teatown160620_1773_NX1_IsItArt Sunrise Mist Over Teatown's Vernay Lake on the Final Day of Spring