Edward Michael Lach | Great Adventure in New Jersey in 1976
Modified 21-Feb-16
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760527_0001_F1 Great Adventure760527_0002_F1 A Young Visitor with Friendly Parents at Great Adventure760527_0003_F1 Great Adventure760527_0004_F1 Great Adventure760527_0005_F1 Swan at Great Adventure760527_0006_F1 Great Adventure760527_0007_F1 Great Adventure760527_0008_F1 Great Adventure760527_0010_F1 Great Adventure760527_0012_F1 Great Adventure760527_0013_F1 Great Adventure760527_0014_F1 Diver's Dance at Great Adventure760527_0015_F1 The High Dive at Great Adventure760527_0016_F1 Great Adventure760527_0017_F1 Great Adventure760527_0018_F1 Great Adventure760527_0019_F1 Great Adventure760527_0020_F1 Great Adventure