Edward Michael Lach | Teatown's 2017 PlantFest
Modified 10-Jul-17
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170512_3007_NX1 Welcome to Teatown's PlantFest on May 12, 2017170512_3010_NX1 Checking that the Preperations are Complete for the Opening of Teatown's PlantFest170512_3012_NX1 Perennials Ready for Sale at Teatown's 2017 PlantFest170512_3013_NX1 Native Plants Ready for Sale at Teatown's 2017 PlantFest170512_3072_NX1 Executive Director Kevin Carter and Managing Director Dianne Barron at Teatown's 2017 Plantfest170512_3073_NX1 Teatown's Millie Dellaquila Greets Visitors to the 2017 PlantFest170512_3066_NX1 Visitors Choose Their Perennials at Teatown's 2017 PlantFest170512_3014_NX1 Centaurea Montana at Teatown's 2017 PlantFest170512_3049_NX1 John T Mickel, Curator of Ferns Emeritus at The New York Botanical Garden and His Wife Carol Visit Teatown's 2017 PlantFest170512_3059_NX1 Teatown Volunteer Rudy Fasciani gives Vegetable Garden Advice at the 2017 PlantFest170512_3062_NX1 The Annuals Tent at Teatown's 2017 PlantFest170512_3011_NX1 Teatown's May 2017 PlantFest170512_3064_NX1 Herbs are Plentiful at Teatown's 2017 PlantFest170512_3070_NX1 Teatown's 2017 PlantFest170512_3054_NX1 Visitors Drop Off Their Purchases to be Tagged and Transported to the Parking Lot at Teatown's 2017 PlantFest170512_3055_NX1 Teatown's Maddy Schroeder and Volunteers Prepare Purchases for Transport to the Parking Lot at the 2017 PlantFest170512_3040_NX1 Nick the Knife Entertains at Teatown's 2017 PlantFest170512_3041_NX1 Nick the Knife Entertains at Teatown's 2017 PlantFest170512_3068_NX1 Visitors to Teatown's 2017 PlantFest Gather for Refreshments at the RiverMarket Bar and Kitchen170512_3050_NX1 RiverMarket Bar and Kitchen Serves Visitors to Teatown's 2017 PlantFest