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730800_0001_FTb White Stag760527_0007_F1 Great Adventure760527_0008_F1 Great Adventure760320_0005_F1 Deer at Hecksher Park on Long Island NY770100_0005_F1 Deer in the Sunset at Heckscher Park on Long Island780326_0002_F1 Deer at Heckscher  Park on Long Island121214_0390_SX50 Young Buck at Sundown in Rockefeller Preserve180327_1697_EOS M5 A Deer in the Morning Sun at Rockefeller Preserve120705_0852_SX40 Doe at Rockefeller Preserve120628_0708_SX40 Deer at Rockefeller Preserve080609_2537_5D Born This Morning at 4 AM111125_3949_5D Deer at Midnight100517_3353_5D Baby Squirrel150329_2752_SX50 A Squirrel at Rockefeller Preserve130309_0656_SX50 Squirrel Playing Hide and Seek160526_1459_NX1 A Chipmunk Waits to Enter Its Den Along Hidden Valley Trail180423_1921_EOS M5 A Chipmunk Along the Trail at Teatown060502_1044_5D Chipmunk at Rockefeller Preserve180505_2137_EOS M5 A Chipmunk at Brinton Brook Sanctuary120410_0478_SX40 Chipmunk