Edward Michael Lach | Discovering Nature's Wildlife Along the Trails of Teatown
Modified 11-Feb-18
56 photos

160606_1564_NX1 A Turtle Along the Northwest Trail at Teatown170413_0644_EOS M5 Mother and Baby Take in the Spring Sun on Teatown Lake170413_0649_EOS M5 A Mallard and a Turtle Negotiate Property Rights on Teatown Lake160606_1575_NX1 A Mallard and Her Nine Ducklings Along the Shore of Teatown Lake170329_0618_EOS M5 Mallards on Teatown Lake in Early Spring160830_2241_NX1 A Female Mallard Reflects in the Shade on Teatown Lake170614_0878_EOS M5 A Family of Canadian Geese on Teatown's Shadow Lake160926_2375_NX1 A Green Heron at Teatown160413_1187_NX1 A Turkey Vulture at Teatown170614_0887_EOS M5 Black Vultures Survey Teatown from the Nature Center Roof170413_0642_EOS M5 A Black Capped Chickadee Outside its Nest at Teatown160720_1896_NX1 A Butterfly on a Button Bush at Teatown Lake160803_2018_NX1 Swallowtails at Teatown160823_2186_NX1 A Humingbird Clearwing Moth, Hemaris thysbe, at Teatown160823_2190_NX1 A Humingbird Clearwing Moth, Hemaris thysbe, at Teatown160606_1563_NX1 A Damselfly in Griffin Swamp at Teatown170825_2957_SX50 A Dragonfly in the Offshore Grasses at Teatown Lake160606_1545_NX1 A Dragonfly Along the Shore of Teatown Lake160630_2914_SX50 Dragonfly at Teatown160618_1710_NX1 A Dragonfly at Teatown Lake