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2018 Homepage PSA 12018 Homepage PSA 22018 Homepage PSA 3Visit and Support Your Local Nature Preserves170119_0165_EOS M5 Pearlman's Harbor and Sundance Point at George's Island on the Hudson River150517_0356_NX1 Hawk at Rockefeller Preserve150802_0636_NX1 Great Blue Heron at Rockefeller Preserve05 170628_1002_EOS M5 (3 of 8) A Great Blue Heron Waits as the Fight Leaves a Large Brown Bullhead Catfish at Brinton Brook Sanctuary160620_1766_NX1 A Beaver on the Shore of Teatown's Vernay Lake at Sunrise07 180413_1801_EOS M5 A Female Mute Swan Takes a Break From Her Nest on Swan Lake at Teatown150905_0796_NX1 Green Heron at Swan Lake150624_0497_NX1 Common Eastern Bumble Bee on a Dahlia160110_1085_NX1 After the Storm160614_1667_NX1 Water Striders Dance on Lost Pond at Westmoreland Sanctuary170217_0395_EOS M5 A Turkey Vulture Flying Over the Hudson River at Verplanck150504_0230_NX1 Black Vulture at Bear Mountain160823_2190_NX1 A Humingbird Clearwing Moth, Hemaris thysbe, at Teatown161019_2506_NX1 Teatown Lake in Autumn170125_0225_EOS M5 Winter on Shasta's Cove at George's Island180402_3559_NX1 An Early Spring Snow at Rockefeller Preserve