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721225_0001_FTb Dad Mom and Linda on Christmas721225_0002_FTb Lisa's First Christmas with Mom Betty and Dad Vinny721231_0001_FTb MaryEllen Mike Kathy and Eddie on New Year's Eve730327_0001_FTb Kathy and Eddie Together for Two Years730500_0001_FTb Our Friend and Neighbor Don MacNeil730600_0001_FTb Kathy Finding the Perfect Outfit730600_0002_FTb Kathy and Rosie at Monica's Wedding730600_0003_FTb Maria at Monica's Wedding730700_0001_FTb Joanette730700_0002_FTb Sea Shell Still Life730700_0003_FTb Sea Shell Still Life730700_0004_FTb Sea Shell Still Life730700_0005_FTb Kathy730800_0001_FTb White Stag730800_0002_FTb Parrots730800_0003_FTb Parrot730800_0004_FTb Black Bear Resting in a Tree730800_0005_FTb Summer Sunset in the Berkshire Mountains730800_0006_FTb Mike and MaryEllen and Eddie and Kathy an Hour before Surviving a Sudden Tornado730800_0007_FTb After the Storm at Breezy Point