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180719_3682_NX1 A Spider on a Lantern in the Virginia Gardens120709_0896_SX40 Orb Weaver071006_2416_5D Orb Weaver120630_0742_SX40 Orb Weaver in the Sun160820_2170_NX1 An Orb Weaver in Our Gardens170801_3338_39_40_NX1 An Orb Weaver in the Shade of a Mandevilla Bud091026_3195-96_5D Orb Weaver120614_0635_SX40 Orb Weaver130812_1124_33_37_41_SX50 Orb Weaver vs Callow Bee090830_3003_5D Orb Weaver160618_1735_NX1 An Orb Weaver at Teatown Lake160606_1554_NX1 A Spider Along the Northwest Trail at Teatown160710_1860_NX1 An Orbweaver in the Virginia Gardens160819_2163_NX1 An Argiope Snares a Dragonfly at Teatown120615_0642_SX40 Bumble Bee on Dahlia150624_0497_NX1 Common Eastern Bumble Bee on a Dahlia740900_0005_F1 Bee on a Gladiolus060502_1016_5D Bee in Flight160819_2125_NX1 Water Lily with Bumble Bee on Teatowm Lake120925_1148_SX40 Rockefeller Preserve