Edward Michael Lach | The Seasons at Rockefeller Preserve - A Visual Essay
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120816_1028_SX40 Swan Lake at Rockefeller Preserve150725_0594_NX1 Swan Lake at Rockefeller Preserve120816_1007_SX40 Swan Lake at Rockefeller Preserve150925_0897_NX1 Stone Bridge at Rockefeller Preserve130313_0672_SX50 Skunk Cabbage at Rockefeller Preserve120908_1094_SX40 Rockefeller Preserve130806_1109_SX50 Water Lilly at Rockefeller Preserve150921_0859_NX1 Reflections in Swan Lake120925_1147_SX40 Rockefeller Preserve120616_0663_SX40 Trailside at Rockefeller Preserve120628_0698_SX40 Brown Eyed Susans at Rockefeller Preserve150921_0860_NX1 Reflections in Swan Lake120616_0677_SX40 Swan Lake at Rockefeller Preserve150925_0895_NX1 Stone Bridge at Rockefeller Preserve121011_1201-05_SX40 Swan Lake at Rockefeller Preserve170720_3299_NX1 Wild Bergamot in Bloom with a Humingbird Moth at Rockefeller Preserve120908_1115_SX40 Rockefeller Preserve150905_0804_NX1 Last Rays of Evening Light on Swan Lake121011_1193_SX40 Rockefeller Preserve131017_1489_SX50 Swan Lake at Rockefeller Preserve

Guestbook for The Seasons at Rockefeller Preserve - A Visual Essay
Edward Michael Lach
Evan my friend, it is much appreciated that you were not only one of the first people taking the time to view my new website, but the very first entry in my Guestbook. And the first to register as a member of this site as well. Since you are such a master of your grand Western mountain images, I value your comments on my vision of our "big hills" here in the East. And as the team of E&E, it has been fun to collaborate with our similar but distinct visions.

So thanks my friend, and let's continue to have fun doing this thing we do.

Evan Jenkins(non-registered)
Ed, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to be the first person to sign your guest book!!! I think you and I share the same eye for natural shapes in the larger landscape...what I call "macroscapes". You have a real talent for beautifully isolating and composing these often overlooked gems in nature.

Good luck with this new venture I am sure with your talent will be a success.

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