Edward Michael Lach | Canon EOS 5D Collection 2005-2015
Modified 17-Jun-18
260 photos

051212 Canon 5D 2005-2015051214_0023_5D Turkey Vulture051224_0139_5D Christmas Eve 2005051225_0174_5D Erik and Kym on Christmas Day 2005051225_0175_5D Kathy's Christmas Present051225_0176_5D Kathy's New Surger on Christmas 2005051225_0177_5D Eddie and Kathy on Christmas Day 2005060207_0499_5D_FL Bellows Spidermites on Rosemary060304_0693_5D Iona Island060304_0696_5D Iona Island060304_0697_5D Along the Hudson River by The Goat Trail060304_0706_5D Late Winter Along the Applachian Trail Near Bear Mountain060305_0736_5D Winterscape at Croton Point060314_0749_5D Moonrise060321_0809_5D Light Leaps to Tame the Darkness060326_0848_5D Robin060326_0850_5D Eastern Phoebe060326_0851_5D Eastern Phoebe060409_0899_5D RGB Color060415_0914_5D Hyacinth