Edward Michael Lach | Contemplating a Moody Afternoon
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140115_1631_SX50 The Hudson River from Croton Point140115_1652_SX50 Croton Point140115_1618_SX50 Croton Point140115_1623_SX50 The North Cove from Croton Point140115_1627_SX50 Croton Point140115_1637_SX50 Croton Point140115_1645_SX50 Croton Point140115_1648_SX50 Croton Point140115_1630_SX50 Croton Point140115_1659_SX50 Croton Point140115_1665_SX50 Croton Point and The Pallisades140115_1650_SX50 Croton Point140115_1656_SX50 Bald Eagle at Croton Point140115_1654_SX50 Croton Point140115_1657_SX50 The Pallisades from Croton Point140115_1664_SX50 Sunset from Croton Point

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Edward Michael Lach
Mary Jean,
I really enjoyed meeting you as well as our wonderful discussions on art and photography. Thanks for looking into my site, as I love sharing my passion for this thing we both do. Hopefully we run into each other again on either your local trails around Croton Point, or my local trails around Rockefeller Preserve. It'll be nice to have a chance to see your work as well.
Mary Jean Picciano(non-registered)
Ed, It was so nice meeting you today. Thank you for sharing your passion for photography. I hope we can meet again. I'd like to show you some of my photography. We have had very similar visions of beauty in nature. I especially liked your photo of the Palisades from the south tip of Croton Point..I've always wanted to get that shot... much too difficult for me. I hope we can stay in touch. Best Regards, MJ
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