Edward Michael Lach | Nature, Graphics and People in Color from the 1970s
Modified 5-Mar-16
15 photos

730800_0001_FTb White Stag730800_0002_FTb Parrots730800_0003_FTb Parrot730800_0004_FTb Black Bear Resting in a Tree731000_0001_FTb Rose Bud at Night731200_0001_FTb Ice Fingers in the Night740600_0010_F1 Crab on a Beach740600_0011_F1 Crab Family Portrait740900_0003_F1 Gladiola740900_0004_F1 Gladiola740900_0005_F1 Bee on a Gladiolus750400_0006_F1 Tulips770521_0001_F1 Frog in a Pond770521_0002_F1 Antheraea Polyphemus Moth771225_0001_F1 Christmas Cactus