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February 07, 2018  •  2 Comments

An Announcement here two weeks ago introduced a new Search Feature on my VisionLight website in which all images photographed by an individual lens could be displayed. The Search could further be refined to include images from an individual lens/individual camera body combination only. Although this new feature was well received by visitors to this site, there were difficulties in navigating from the displayed large thumbnails in the Search Results to displaying full screen images. Only one full screen image could be loaded at a time, requiring using the browser’s back button to return to the Search Results to load an additional image. This could be cumbersome. In addition, the Search Results were displayed in random order which did not make it easy to find related images. As stated in the Announcement at the time, I would continue to work to alleviate these problems in Phase 2.

Phase 2 is now complete. Today I am announcing the new, always available IMAGE COLLECTION BY LENS USED, displaying images from individual lens/individual camera body combinations. 15 new Galleries are included in the Collection, displaying all website images photographed by interchangeable lenses on three digital cameras from December, 2005 to the present. Five Galleries cover the lenses used on my Samsung NX-1. Five Galleries cover the lenses used on my Canon EOS M5. And Five Galleries cover the lenses used on my original Canon EOS 5D. Note that some of the lenses were used with adapters on two or all three cameras, with a separate Gallery included for that lens on each camera. All Galleries are presented in chronological order with continuous access to full screen images and slideshows, and all original EXIF data associated with the image.

Although the new Search Feature, only two weeks old, is no longer necessary to view all images photographed by a single lens, it was an important step in this process. I could not have accomplished Phase 2 in such a short period without it. I thank my visitors for your encouragement while it was the only solution available.

The New Feature, IMAGE COLLECTION BY LENS USED, is available in MY PORTFOLIO in the Main Menu bar at the top of every page.

Whether you are interested in acquiring one of these lenses, or comparing my copy to your own copy or a similar lens, or just interested in seeing diverse real world characteristics and capabilities of a lens, I hope you find this New Feature a useful and enjoyable addition to my VisionLight website.

Note: The Collection may also be accessed at this link: http://edwardmichaellach.zenfolio.com/f551238473


Edward Michael Lach
Murry, I always appreciate your insights and comments contributing to my photography and projects here on my website. It is a pleasure to have your support along this journey. Ed
Murry Grigsby(non-registered)
Ed, Thanks for including me in your roll-out of your lens selective galleries. I tried it on my old Samsung 3 smart phone and it worked quickly and smoothly from image to image. Naturally the vertical photos looked best on the phone so I'm anxious to see it work on my New Chromebook. I looked at some of the bird shots that you used the long lens (100-400) -- sweet!
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