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130215_0622_SX50 The First Bloom of the Year Breaks Thru the Snow170220_0439_EOS M5 An Early Crocus, Resplendent in Mid-February 2017170403_2916_NX1 Crocuses170403_2921_NX1 Crocus060415_0914_5D Hyacinth060415_0917_5D Grape Hyacinth060415_0926_5D Violas130426_0708_SX50 Pansies130408_0703_SX50 Hellebores120410_4036_5D Columbine120410_4037_5D Columbine060507_1080_5D Lillies of the Valley130511_0801_SX50 Clematis120518_0405_S100 Clematis120518_0398_S100 Delphinium060528_1232_5D Dahlia130511_0797_SX50 Columbine060528_1229_5D Gazania060528_1235_5D Gazania130521_4162_5D Irises

Guestbook for The Colors of Our Gardens
Edward Michael Lach
Thank you for your kind remarks. We truly enjoy the beauty of Nature in the gardens surrounding our home and love to share it with others as well.
Tom Garrett(non-registered)
WOW! You sure know how to shoot flowers. Your shots certainly display your photographic knowledge and abilities.
Edward Michael Lach
I have always enjoyed your floral images my friend, with their beautiful style and presentation. I thought about them when creating this gallery. I really appreciate your kind thoughts and becoming one of the first members of my new website.
Murry Grigsby
Three guesses what my favorite gallery is and the first two don't count :0) Your garden images are beautiful! Your flower portraits have great character and colors. Thanks for sharing your "vision" and considerable knowledge. Now I need to check out your videos.
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